Valuation of Property is very important for property owners.

Valuation of sydney property valuers helps the property owner to know the current market price of their property. By knowing this, if the property owners are planning to sell the property in future they will be able to quote the price of their property reasonably. A number of partners and assistants have defected from Steedmans in the last couple of years: in spring 2001, partner Robin Garrett joined Maclay Murray & Spens and partner Colin Keenan joined Semple Fraser. These most recent departures are yet another blow for the firm.

‘We brought them in – one from under a glass ceiling (Kerr at Dickson Minto) and the other from a small firm (Innes from Bell & Scott) – and we raised their profile. MacKinnon suggested that the leavers lacked patience, and failed to demonstrate a long-term commitment to the practice.

‘If you ask two people to draw up the plans for their part of the business and they then say that it’s not being implemented quickly enough, what’s that about? They also didn’t ask for any back-up or help which is very odd. I feel as though I’ve wasted my time.’

The two partners’ exit arrangements were being finalised at the time of going to press. Innes claimed that there were no bad feelings between him and the firm, although he admitted that it may be November before the move takes place. Kerr was unavailable for comment.
Image result for Valuation of PropertyAgain if there is no such plan then also property valuation has its importance for the owner of the property because the property valuation will help the property owners to know about various type of up gradation that is needed in their property. And by making those up gradation the property owner raises the worth of the property.